Termine 2015

From November 16
through March 14 the wildlife park opens
daily at 9 am.

From March 15 through
November 15 the wildlife
park opens daily at 9 am.

E V E N T S 2018

Easter, April 1 and 2
Der Osterhase ist
zu Gast im Wildpark

Sunday, May 13
Muttertag (Mother´s Day)

Sunday, June 10
Familientag mit Nils Nager

Sunday, July 8
Tierischer Sommer

Sunday, August 12
Familien-Spaß im Wildpark

Sunday, September 2
Wildparkfest - 10.30 Uhr Hubertusmesse

Sunday, September 30
PAMINA Bauern- und Hand-
werkermarkt (11 bis 17 Uhr)

Sunday, November 25
16 Uhr mit Fackelwanderung

Dogs in the Park

Dogs in the Park
unfortunately are not allowed!

Please understand that due to our loose game animals
no dogs are allowed in the park, not even on the leash.
However, we offer you the possibility to leave your dog
free of charge in one of our dog boxes in the park’s
entrance area. We also gladly supply fresh water to your
four-legged friend.

We appreciate your understanding!