Wildpark aktuell

Dear park visitors,

Due to the current
Corona restrictions, our
wildlife park will be closed
until further notice.

Please stay healthy!
Your wildlife park team

A Picture says so much more

than 1000 words. Therefore you have the opportunity to get a first impression
on our wonderful natural reserve area. Enjoy!

Choose between Wildlife Park Impressions, Wolves in the Wildlife Park, Children’s World & Farmer’s Market Impressions:

Bildergalerie Wildpark-Impressionen Bildergalerie Wildpark-Impressionen Wildpark-Impressionen Wölfe im Wildpark ...

Bildergalerie Wölfe im Wildpark Bildergalerie Wölfe im Wildpark Bildergalerie Wildpark-Kinderwelten Bildergalerie Wildpark-Kinderwelten Wildpark-Kinderwelten ... Bauernmarkt-Impressionen ... Bildergalerie Bauernmark-Impressionen Bildergalerie Bauernmark-Impressionen